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Direct to bank

You are now able to elect for your sterling dividend payments to be converted into your chosen currency. We will then pay the funds direct into your bank account.

The benefits:

  • Reduced fees – Link Market Services will charge a £5.00 administration fee (per transaction) for this service. For most shareholders living outside the UK, this will generally be cheaper than the fees charged by your local bank to convert your sterling dividend cheque into your local currency.* You should also check with your bank to see if they will charge a fee for receiving this payment.
  • Faster access to funds – your dividends are paid as cleared funds, directly to your local bank account, giving you faster access to your money when compared to waiting for a sterling cheque to clear. 
  • Reduced risk of non-delivery or fraud – as the funds are sent directly to your bank account, there is no risk of your dividend cheque going missing in the mail, thereby reducing the risk of cheque fraud.

* Fees will differ amongst banks. You should compare the fees charged by your local bank before registering for the International Payment Service.

 Request an application pack

Request an application pack

International Payment Services booklet