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Various fees apply for the different payment types, as described below.

Direct payment

Link Market Services will charge a £5 administration fee (per transaction) to convert your payment into your chosen currency and make a direct payment into your bank account. For most shareholders living outside the UK, this will generally be cheaper than the fees charged by your local bank to convert your sterling payment cheque into your local currency.* You should also check with your bank to see if they will charge a fee for receiving this payment.

Exchange rate

Your payment will be converted into your chosen currency using the "IPS Exchange Rate". The "IPS Exchange Rate" means the Foreign Exchange (FX) spot rate for buying or selling (as appropriate) the relevant currencies as provided by Link Asset Services' FX payments  supplier at the time of the relevant transaction minus a margin spread of up to 3%.

* Fees will differ amongst banks. You should compare the fees charged by your local bank before registering for the International Payment Service

International Payment Services booklet